Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went through a brief travel disruption Tuesday at New York's JFK International Airport. Apparently, they breached TSA security, although the couple weren't the blame.

According to TMZ, Kimye were returning from Brazil and rushing to catch a connecting flight from New York to Los Angeles. Once the duo landed at JFK, they met an airline greeter, who, according to TSA officials, allowed them to skip a security checkpoint so they could catch their connecting flight.

However, security protocol dictates that every passenger must go through the TSA checkpoint at the airport -- even celebrities. Somehow, the greeter forgot about this important rule.

After Kimye were seated on the plane, TSA agents pulled them off the flight and made them go through another round of security, which had to be embarrassing and frustrating for them.

The parents-to-be were eventually cleared to board, but held up the flight from New York to L.A. for about 50 minutes. Which probably didn't sit well with the other passengers onboard. We can probably guess that Kimye received a lot of laser-beamed stares when they got back to their seats.

A rep for American Airlines told TMZ that Kanye and Kim weren't to blame and they are taking full responsibility for the mishap. "This was a lapse in judgment by one of our employees," said the rep. "We’re working closely with the TSA and speaking to the individuals involved to better understand what happened."

In others words, heads are going to roll over this incident.

In the end, Kanye and Kim made it safely to Los Angeles where they were greeted by hordes of paparazzi. Judging by the photos (courtesy of Just Jared), it looks like the couple weren't too inconvenienced.

But after their fun-filled vacation in Brazil, a little security checkpoint is not going to phase these two lovebirds.

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