T-Pain is without question the face of auto tune. He’s used it to take his music career to the next level and has profited from the technology with auto-tune smartphone apps and toy microphones with his name branded on them. So it goes without saying, he gets pretty critical whenever talking about artists who attempt to incorporate auto-tune into their songs. His latest target is ATL rapper, Future.

Although he complimented Future’s song writing, Pizzle’s not sold that he knows how to use auto-tune properly.

“As far as how he uses auto-tune, I don’t think he knows how it works. I think he’s thinking that you just turn it on, and then it just happens. But nah, he writes great, great hooks and great songs themselves. I just don’t think he actually knows how to use auto-tune yet.”

T-Pain is an equal opportunity auto-tune corrector, though. Apparently there are others in the industry who don’t know what they’re doing as well.

“A lot of people don’t sing with it. A lot of people just sing and then put it on after, which is a terrible mistake. There’s a lot of stuff you’ve gotta know about auto-tune before you can start using it because it’s the hot thing to do.”