Kanye West had to admonish a fan for wielding — of all things — a laser at his Watch the Throne concert in Paris. According to Spin.com, Yeezy was performing ‘Flashing Lights, which features an array of flashing beams surrounding him onstage, when a concertgoer decided to blindside him with a laser.

West, who is clearly annoyed, tells the fan to stop flickering the laser at him. When the fan refused to stop, West brought the song to an abrupt halt and scolded him.

“You see this guy right here with the green laser. Don’t f— up everybody’s show. This is not a f—ing game,” he tells the transgressor. “It’s The Throne, we don’t f— around like that. You’re gonna get f—ed up, kicked out and all that s—, so chill the f— out. Let’s go!”

You get him Yeezy! We are still scratching our collective heads as to why a fan would bring a laser pointer to a show? The concert has plenty of pyrotechnics and, uh, flashing lights, so the Throne certainly didn’t need any assistance from him.

This isn’t the first time West had to scream at a fan while onstage. Last year, the rapper-producer ejected a concertgoer from a show for throwing a business card onto the stage while he was performing.

So let this be a warning: Leave your office supplies at work before you go to a Kanye West concert.

Watch Kanye West Scream at a Laser-Wielding Fan