Kanye West went on another of his infamous rants during his performance at the 2014 Wireless Festival in London on Friday (July 4).

Wearing a studded mask, Yeezy began a 15-minute long speech during his rendition of 'Runaway.' MTV reports that during West's sermon, he took the media to task for writing negative stories in efforts to break his self-esteem.

"You know people be looking at me like I got a problem or something, like I’m uncontrollable or something, like I don’t do what I’m supposed to do or something," he told the crowd. "Rumors, lies, media, marketing. It’s like they want to steal you from you. They sell you back to you after they stole it. They want to make you feel less than who you really are."

"As far as I’m concerned everybody’s a star," he added.

West also went after Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci for discriminating against him and trying to crush his dreams.

“I’m not dissing Luis Vuitton, I’m not dissing Gucci...I’m just saying, don’t discriminate against me because I’m a black man or because I’m a celebrity," he said. "'Cause you know damn well ain’t no black guys or celebrities making no Louis Vuitton."

"That's why I got this f---ing mask on. 'Cause I ain’t worried about saving face. F--- my face! That sounded wrong. Pause," he added, laughing. "Well, they finally got a headline. But f--- whatever my face is supposed to mean. And f--- whatever the name Kanye is supposed to mean. It’s about my dreams."

At first, the crowd was supporting West's heated diatribe against the media and fashion brands, but soon you could hear a smattering of boos from people who grew tired of his rambling.

West finished his speech with this proclamation: "You know, I just wanna make something awesome, I just wanna be awesome, and I wanna hang around my awesome friends, and change the f---ing world. And that’s exactly what I plan to do."

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