In the promos for his first time hosting 'Saturday Night Live,' where he will pull double duty and also serve as the musical guest, Justin Bieber teams up with funnyman Kenan Thompson, who does his very best to break The Biebs' stones over the course of several scenes.

In one scene, Thompson downplays the fact that The Biebs could be nervous, saying it must be easy for him, since "You are used to performing live in front of millions of people," to which the singer replies, "Right now I am focused on one pair of eyes." He pulls out a pair of googly-eyed glasses. It's silly and cute.

Of course Thompson gives the teen a hard time, saying, "I want to say it so badly," to which The Biebs snarls, "I told you not to." Thompson can't help himself and jokes, "You better Belieb it. It's unbeliebably good."

The funniest of the mini skits is when Thompons says, "You're Justin Bieber? For like three years now, I've been stalking the wrong dude. See ya later," and bounces.

Biebs got served!

Another cute moment? Thompson asks the teen, "You nervous?" His reply? "No I'm Justin." Har har har.

Then they do a killer handshake.

It's just a taste of what's to come this Saturday, Feb. 9. Be sure and tune in and see how The Biebs handles the hosting duties. We're thinking he's going to kill it.