If you haven't been following this whole issue with Harambee the Gorilla who was shot after a child got into the display with the Gorilla. People became out raged and took to twitter to discuss the issue with the gorilla being killed.

Eddie Whrnbrg wrote on Facebook: "...the zoos aren't the problem. It's the idiotic parents."

On Twitter @blxxm83 wrote: "So lazy parents can't control their wild kids and a beautiful endangered animal gets shot and killed because of it? #Harambe #RIPHarambe"

In another tweet @brittrosenthal wrote "Sad thing is it looked like #Harambe was protecting the kid more than the parent was. #CincinnatiZoo"

Some even called for Ms Gregg to be dismissed from her job.

Do you think the Gorilla should have been shot ? I think people would find a reason to complain about this either way. If they would have left the Gorilla and child alone in the display and something had happened to the child people would have been up in arms about that. I think the zoo made the right choice, it was only a matter of time before the boy would have gotten seriously hurt. How about parents lets pay attention to your kids to prevent things like this from happening.

Lets take it to the poll answer below should the Gorilla have been killed.