TGIF !! Hooray! Celebrate!! Jump for joy, sing out loud, act a fool -- we made it!! And why not celebrate this most wanted day o' the week with 2 freakin funny fellas, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon!!

With over 10 MILLION views on YouTube - many of you may have already seen this funny skit. JT and Jimmy Fallon are a dynamic duo, everything they seem to do is purely entertaining and some funny ish! This is only the beginning for these 2 if you ask me, and btw, Jimmy went to college in our very own backyard at The College of Saint Rose!! Holller!! To my fellow Rose Bud! Class of 2003 for me! Represent!

Anyhow, ya just gotta watch this clip - as they make fun of the overuse of #-hashtags on people's twitter and FB. And our boy from the Roots appears at the end - and boy do I want his Hall and Oates shirt.

There is nothing more to say - just watch this, you are guaranteed to get your laugh on ! Oh and HAPPY FRIDAY!!