The dancer-singer-actress extraordinaire dropped by The Breakfast Club to talk about her new single 'Medicine,' as well as her upcoming movie Hustlers. The movie, which she's filming now in New York City, follows "a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients." JLo is also producing the movie, which co-stars her fellow Bronx native Cardi B.

Lo talked about visiting a NYC strip club with her fiance Alex Rodriquez for research for the movie. DJ Envy asked the 49-year-old actress if she "let" A-Rod get a lap dance while they were there. "We were boyfriend and girlfriend then, now we're fiances. Maybe now there's a 'let' situation," JLo joked. "He didn't say anything and then we talked to some girls and then after that, right at the end, I was like 'babe, did you want to get a dance?' And he was like 'no, I'm good.' Great answer."

As for why she decided to take on the role, she said she just "felt like it was a really gritty, good role for me." She went on to say it's a "really scary" for her, as well, because she's "never really exposed" herself "in that way" before. JLo also spoke about how she personally reached out to Cardi to ask her to appear in the film. "I said 'it's not something you have to go out and get an acting coach for, it's your natural, like, who you are. That's all you have to do,'" she explained. Cardi also offered up some firsthand information about the world of stripping.

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