It looks like 'American Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez may be being "catfished" by a 53-year-old Los Angeles woman, who allegedly pretended to be the singer and demanded that a man named Rodrigo Ruiz send her naked photos of himself. Say what?!

Here's the crazy story:

Ruiz filed a $10,000 lawsuit against Lopez, claiming she had sent him letters in the mail in 2008, demanding that he send her pictures of himself "with and without clothes," as well as his demo CDs, TMZ reports. Thinking he had a shot at both a career in the music industry and a relationship with Lopez (who was married to Marc Anthony at the time), Ruiz became depressed when neither happened.

According to TMZ, Ruiz, who has also filed a police report claiming he has been sexually harassed, is still in denial about the situation and believes that Lopez herself was communicating with him. However, the P.O. box where he sent the materials is owned by a 53-year-old woman.

Not to mention that Ruiz provided TMZ with some of the letters from "Lopez," and one reads as follows:

"This is Jennifer Lopez writing to you again and just to let you know that I got your packages, music and demos. And just to let you know you need to send me pictures of you with and without clothes."

Not too believable, huh? And if that's not enough, a rep for J. Lo (obviously) denied the whole thing:

"Ms. Lopez has never seen or met the plaintiff, nor has she ever communicated with him. We believe this matter should be summarily dismissed."

Just another crazy day in Hollywood.