Jay-Z is treating the clients that sign to his latest business venture, Roc Nation Sports, with the same passion he treats the musical artists he signs and fosters. He went all out for former Notre Dame women's basketball diva Skylar Diggins, welcoming her to the Roc Nation Sports family with a private reception at his 40/40 Club.

The fete was held on Thurs., May 30, and you can see photos of Jay deep in conversation with the lovely Diggins below. She's a stunner -- if she wasn't so talented at hoops, she could be a model.

A private party was not the only way in which Diggins was welcomed to the fold. She received a brand new Benz as a graduation gift, which she expressed thanks for via Twitter. Some of us get parties and envelopes with a Benny in 'em or, if we're lucky, a used car, as graduation gifts. Diggins, who was drafted third overall to the Tulsa Shock in the WBNA draft, gets a pricy set of wheels.

Roc Nation Sports has nabbed other high-profile clientele, such as New York Yankees second basemen Robinson Cano and highly touted New York Jets QB Geno Smith, who was expected to go in the first round of the NFL draft, but didn't. Still, his name is on everyone's tongue and Hov scooped him up.

While RNS is securing plenty of clients, and likely based on Jay-Z's name alone, the agency is not without its detraction. The NFL Players Association wants to know how involved Jay was in recruiting Smith to join the firm. Only NFLPA-certified agents can pursue clients. Since Jay-Z is not certified, if he did indeed work to recruit Smith, he would be in violation of the rules. It's worth nothing that Smith's agent Kim Miale is certified.

Something tells us Smith may have joined the agency based on name alone. That’s clout and Jay-Z has it.

Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images
Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images