The NBA Playoffs might be in the running for the best primetime broadcast to introduce new commercials. Two weeks ago, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, Kobe Bryant starred in the latest Ghostbusters ad, and now Jamie Foxx is taking 30-second spots to a new level as he's introduced Verizon's new slogan while impersonating Future and singing "I got Verizon" to the tune of Future's "F--- Up Some Commas" hit.

A loced Jamie, better known as Past (Future's fictional father), readily resembles somebody's grandfather (or your neighborhood pimp) while he dabs and sways, rocking an old tan suit and matching hat, a gray mustache and of course, a cane. Showing off many of today's latest dance moves - including Future's signature hand roll and spin - Past highlights his autotune skills while singing, "See me on the street/Got AT+T/We fightin' (Whoa)/We the provider/’Cause when you start dialin’/You runnin' outside, you stand in the street, you scream like ‘I got Verizon’!”

As Past's 30-second cameo comes to an end, he makes sure to drop some knowledge on the world. "You get Verizon, you're whole world is connected. That's what I'm sayin'. It ain't about can you hear me now, it's about can you see me now?"

Check out Jamie Foxx as your favorite rapper's grandpa's favorite rapper "Past" in the hilarious vid above the story.

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