Netflix's hip-hop musical drama series The Get Down premieres this Friday (Aug. 12) on Netflix and the accompanying soundtrack boasts original songs such as "Cadillac" by Miguel and Janelle Monae’s "Hum Along and Dance."

The full soundtrack from the show will be available via Apple Music August 12, but one song in particular has been generating extra buzz:  "Losing Your Mind" by Jaden Smith (who also co-stars in the series) and Raury. Ebro Darden of Hot 97 premiered the song during his Beats 1 show.

“You guys are kinda that next generation of hip-hop heads," Ebro declared. "You guys are pushing the limits of what the music was about and trying to create it into whatever its next thing is gonna be.”

Smith talked about how technology has shaped hip-hop--and how music was created before the digital age.

“We have computers and phones and things now but it’s just so interesting to look back into time where none of those things existed--what people did with that, and what they were able to create," he said.

The Get Down looks to be a television event; and we got a sneak peek at the highly-anticipated series. Hip-hop history, music and culture are fueling the backdrop for a number of new TV projects–including VH1s The Breaks and FX’s upcoming Atlanta–and this particular show is daring to attempt to tell the story of hip-hop’s origins as a culture born in the South Bronx of the 1970s.

Listen to the full interview below and check out the track “Losing Your Mind” at the 04:50 mark. And check out the trailer for The Get Down.

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