J. Prince Sends Warning Shots at some of Hip Hop's top names.

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J. Prince ain’t playing!!!

Seems like Houston Legend J. Prince has not taken kindly to the disrespect his “family” has been shown over the last couple of months.

In his latest “song” called "Courtesy Message", The Rap-A-Lot records founder (think Geto Boys, Scarface, Devin the Dude) and CEO warns Puff Daddy, Suge Knight, Lil’ Wayne, Baby & Slim of Cash Money of their wrongdoings against Drake (who is very good friends with J. Prince’s son, J. Prince Jr.). He goes on to urge them to repent for their sins or feel the wrath of a true gangster.

And as far as j. Prince’s street cred? Google it… I'm good on that dry snitching.

Check the track below:

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