J. Cole has just dropped his new album, 4 Your Eyez only.

After surprising fans with a cryptic teaser suggesting the album was coming last week, he dropped a 40-minute short film, Eyez, and shook up hip-hop with two songs in particular—"False Prophets" and "Everybody Dies"— the first of which seemed to be aimed at Kanye West and Wale (though in Wale's case, that wasn't true).

However, neither song makes the album, which clocks in at a compact 10 tracks and has no guest appearances.  Featuring songs like, "She's Mine Part. 1," which is thought to be about his daughter, though he's yet to confirm that's the case, and the introspective "Immortal," the album runs 44 minutes.

This is J. Cole's first album since 2014's Forest Hills Drive. You can stream 4 Your Eyez Only below on Spotify.


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