Whether you're the type of fisherman who seeks a tranquil freshwater retreat or an exhilarating deep-sea adventure, New York state has it all.


In the realm of freshwater fishing, New York boasts an extensive network of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs that provide a haven for fisherman seeking relaxation by the water. From the Adirondack lakes to the Hudson River, New York offers a variety of environments to explore.

For those yearning to fish in the depths of the Atlantic, New York's extensive coastline opens up a world of possibilities. Both off-shore and along the shore have witnessed some of the most colossal catches globally.

It's not exactly a secret-- anglers from all over the globe flock to New York's waters to try cast their lines. And why shouldn't they? Publications like Bassmaster routinely list our waterways among its top recommendations for fishing.

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When it comes to the thrill of the catch, size definitely matters. And here in New York, it seems like records are being broken all the time. In fact, just last year, two new freshwater records were set: a 35 lb. 12 oz channel catfish, and a 8 lb. 6 oz smallmouth bass. So needless to say, no record is out of reach.

Check out the gallery below for the 10 most monstrous fish ever caught in New York state (saltwater and freshwater), and see why we stand as a premier destination for anglers:

10 Largest Fish Ever Caught in NY State

Behold these 10 behemoths pulled out of New York state waters!

Gallery Credit: Will Phillips

15 Of New York State’s Most Haunted Fishing Spots

What makes fishing in Upstate New York during October even more thrilling? Halloween and ghost stories. Consider visiting some of the region's haunted spots, where folklore and history come together to create a truly eerie atmosphere. Where are those spots? Glad you asked:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

New York's Pumpkinseed Fish

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

Fisherman's Dream House in Rifton, New York

This house for sale in Rifton, New York offers a rare opportunity in Hudson Valley Real Estate. 1799 Route 213 not only has a house looking for its next chapter but it offers waterfront property on the Sturgeon Pool a popular no motorize boating and fishing spot in Ulster County.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn