Many New Yorkers who moved to Florida are now fleeing the Sunshine State. We've learned why.

In 2022, Census Bureau data reported over 700,000 people moved to Florida. Soon Florida was the second-fastest-growing state.

Many New York State Residents Moved To Florida

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New York State had more residents relocate to Florida than compared to any other state. 90,000 New Yorkers moved to Florida in 2022, according to NBC.

As of 2022, 1.6 million Floridians were born in New York. That number made up about 10 percent of Florida's population.

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Many New Yorkers said they fled to Florida to enjoy nice weather, no income taxes and lower costs.

Many New Yorkers Quickly Leave Florida

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However, many are now fleeing the Sunshine State. After 700,000 moved into Florida over 500,000 left the state during the same period.

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Many who quickly left Florida came from New York State.

Reasons Why New Yorkers Are Leaving Florida


Former Empire State residents say they left or will leave Florida because of rising costs, erratic traffic, politics, insurance costs, extreme weather and lack of services found in New York.

Another reason New Yorkers quickly left Florida was that some felt they weren't welcome.

Police in the Tampa area confirmed flyers were placed on cars with New York license plates that told them "woke" New Yorkers weren't wanted.

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Some flyers read:

If you are one of the those woke people --- leave Florida. You will be happier elsewhere, as will we.

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