The CDC believes measles is once again a "growing global threat."

This week the CDC warned health care providers across the U.S. to be alert for measles cases.

Measles Cases On The Rise

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The CDC reported at least 23 confirmed U.S. measles cases between December 1, 2023 and January 23, 2024.

"The increased number of measles seen in recent weeks is reflective of a rise in global measles cases and a growing global threat from the disease," the CDC states. "Measles cases often originate from unvaccinated or undervaccinated U.S. residents who travel internationally and then transmit the disease to people who are not vaccinated against measles."

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Most of the recent cases are among children and adolescents who had not received a measles-containing vaccine, even if age-eligible, according to the CDC.

Health Care Providers Told To Be On High Alert


In a letter to healthcare providers, obtained by Hudson Valley Post, the CDC said health care workers should lookout for patients who have any symptoms and immediately isolate those who are suspected of having the viral respiratory illness.

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Recommendations for Healthcare Providers

  • Isolate
  • Notify
  • Test
  • Manage
  • Vaccinate

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Measles cases in 2023

Measles Outbreaks Spread In U.S.
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Last year there were 58 confirmed cases of measles across 20 jurisdictions in the United States, including in New York State, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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