Health officials are warning all that an Easter fan favorite and other popular candy sold in New York State has been linked to cancer.

Millions of Peeps are devoured on or around Easter each year. These marshmallow treats seem to be beloved or hated.

A. Boris
A. Boris

If you love them, like I do, you probably really love them. I'm in the group that believes Peeps are even better if you rip open the package and let the Peeps harden (or get stale) for a few days.

My love of Peeps is why I was so disappointed to learn that some Peeps may cause cancer.

Peeps May Cause Cancer

Health officials are worried about Peeps made with Red Dye No. 3. This dye has been found to cause cancer in animals.

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Purple and pink Peeps are the peeps parents should look out for, according to Consumer Reports.

“Red Dye No. 3 has been banned by the FDA from use in cosmetics since 1990, but inexplicably is still allowed in food,” Hansen said. “The widespread use of Red Dye 3 is particularly concerning since it is found in many products marketed to children who are especially at risk of developing health problems from exposure. It’s time for the FDA to protect public health by getting Red Dye 3 out of our food.”

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Peeps Confirms Changes Are Coming


Just Born, the manufacturer of Peeps, told Consumer Reports, the company will no longer use Red Dye 3 in any of its products after Easter 2024.

“For Easter 2024, of all our PEEPS® offerings, two colors will contain Red #3 – Pink and Lavender. All Just Born products, including Pink and Lavender PEEPS®, comply with FDA guidelines and use only FD&C certified color. HOT TAMALES® no longer contains Red #3. You will begin to see the updated ingredient list on store shelves in the coming months," Just Born stated.

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The known carcinogen is also found in other products sold by Just Born Quality Confections, officials warn. Consumer Reports highlights Party Cake Peeps, Peeps Fruit Punch Marshmallow Chicks and Peeps Wildberry Marshmallow Bunnies.

Candy Sold In New York State That May Cause Cancer


Below are some popular candies that reportedly contain Red Dye No. 3.

Candies That Are Affected By the Controversial Red Dye 3

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