Trippie Redd has revealed that he's actually not a father after all.

Trippie Redd Reveals He Isn't a Father

In video footage via Daily Loud's Twitter, presumably cut or leaked from a vlog DDG posted to his YouTube page on Tuesday (April 2), DDG asked Trippie about fatherhood while receiving a tour of Trippie's massive $13 million all-black mansion. The conversation arose considering the two entered that chapter of their lives around the same time. However, in response to DDG's question, Trippie unveiled the shocking news that after taking a DNA test, it was revealed that he is not a dad.

"How's fatherhood?" DDG inquired. "I feel like we had a kid around the same time."

The Ohio rhymer replied, "Bruh, I got a DNA test. I don't even got a kid."

An evidently flabbergasted DDG says, "For real?"

Trippie continued, "I swear, bro. I thought I did, and then I told the world that. Like, ahead of time, I never got no DNA test. And I ended up getting a DNA test and it wasn't my kid."

DDG followed up with additional questions: "You did one DNA test? Did he look like you?" Trippie replied, "Two." DDG then asked, "And they both were negative?"

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Trippie Redd Explains His Mom Urged Him to Get a DNA Test

Trippie went on to explain the ordeal. "My mom was like, very like, get a DNA test," he began. "You know how moms be. They be knowing. She was like, 'Get a DNA test.'"

DDG continued with the probing questions. "So, did it like, did it kind of mess with you a little bit?" DDG said.

Trippie transparently said, "Yes." "I feel like all the things I was going through during that time was like, really f**king with me," he said. "That's why I couldn't go on tour, or like, couldn't do shows and s**t. I couldn't really get in my spunk, and feel good and s**t. It was a lot of s**t going on. Just a lot of confusion. I mean, it's life. A lot of s**t just happens. Maybe it happened for a reason."

DDG went on to offer Trippie empathy. He then asked, "So, you was like, with the kid and s**t and then?" Trippie responded with "Yeah." "Hell yeah," Trippie continued. "Buying clothes and s**t, holding ’em, kissing ’em."

It's worth noting that the clip that emerged online of Trippie sharing that he isn't a father isn't included in the vlog DDG uploaded to YouTube. It's unclear how this particular portion of the video made its way onto the internet.

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Trippie Redd Announces He Has a Son

Last November, Trippie Redd revealed via Instagram that he has a son named Saint Micheal, the same name as a project he released around that time. He also shared that due to the birth of his newborn son, Trippie would have to cancel his Take Me Away Tour.

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Trippie Redd Apologies to Then-Girlfriend for Cheating

Months prior, in August of last year, Trippie Redd issued an apology to his then-girlfriend Skye Morales for cheating. Trippie and Skye had been dating from 2021. Considering the apology, it was presumed that the child was with another woman.

See the video of Trippie Red revealing he isn't a father below.

Watch Trippie Red Reveal He Is Not a Father

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