Keith Murray recently opened a can of worms after making scandalous claims about having alleged sexual experiences with Foxy Brown and Shawnna. Now, Foxy is firing back.

On Wednesday (Jan. 11), Foxy Brown shared posts on her Instagram Story directly addressing Murray's allegations.

"Crackhead ass [Keith] Murray wanna die for a lie," she posted.

In a follow-up post, she shared a screenshot of Murray from his now-infamous interview and added, "Haaaaaaa that hat alone should have told y'all that shit no bueno."

"Now somebody tell dope fiend ass Keith Murray we wanna book him for a walk thru. (1,500 and a bag of jums)," she continued.

"Boy fucked up adding my name to that fairytale," she added. "Fuck a dog first pussy."

Keith Murray had the internet going nuts with recent interviews on YouTube channel  The Art of Dialogue, during which he shamelessly recounted sexual encounters he allegedly had with female MCs Foxy Brown and Shawnna. As it concerns Foxy, Murray claims to have exchanged oral sex with the Ill Na Na rapper when she was dating Kurupt, and did so in animated fashion.

"We rocked hardcore, went into the hotel and she gave me hardcore head," Murray explained. “I ate her pussy but I never fucked her and then she was with Kurupt at the time."

Foxy Brown put out a subliminal response shortly after the interview aired writing, "Niggaz Ain’t Pop Since I Shot Ya," on her Instagram Story, a reference to LL Cool J's 1995 "Who Shot Ya (Remix)," on which Foxy and Murray made guest appearances. She chose a more direct route this time.

Shawnna has already shut down Keith Murray's claims as well.

"Y’all believe anything. Get help," she wrote in one social media post addressing the topic.

See Foxy Brown's Response to Keith Murray's Claims Below

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