With December off to a slow start when it comes to snow, how little snow would make this winter one of our least snowy winters on record here in the Capital Region?

At this point, there is still potential for a ton of snow. That said, in the past when we have had a big cumulative snowfall total over a full season, some decent early December snowfalls are usually a part of the equation.

But how much, or how little, snow would we need to get for it to be a record year for lack of snow?

Check out Albany's 10 least snow winters as they stand right now below!

Albany's 10 Least Snowy Winters Of All Time

Some winters in Upstate New York can be absolutely brutal as far as massive amounts of snow. Then there are times like this winter when it feels like the snow is pretty much non-existent. It wouldn't be the first time! Here are the 10 least snowy winters of all time according to the National Weather Service of Albany

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

10 Largest Snowfalls On Record In Albany

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

The 12 Coldest Days On Record In Albany

Albany has the potential to be brutally cold in the winter. But most of the time, it is bearable and we deal with it - just wear extra layers right? But some days, even wearing all the thermal underwear in the world just is not enough to keep you warm. These are those types of days: the most brutal of the brutal, the 12 coldest days on record in Albany history since 1874 according to weather.gov.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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