Civility ice cream makes a comeback

A Stewart's ice cream flavor is making a comeback in 2024 and while happy customers will tell you how delicious it is, the creators hope it provides a source of inspiration in addition to its sweet and creamy goodness.

Stewart's Shops is bringing back their 'Civility' ice cream flavor for the new year with hopes to not only bring a smile to people's faces but also remind them we can all get along, despite our political and economic unrest and differences.

"It’s sweet. It’s creamy with hints of salty caramel. There are absolutely “no nuts.” And it’s making a comeback. Stewart’s Shops is starting off the new year by bringing back Civility ice cream." - Stewart's Shops Owner Gary Dake


First introduced in 2018

Back after a 5-year hiatus, Civility ice cream was first introduced by Stewart's in 2018 after a family conversation about civility and kindness.

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Stewart's is bringing back a flavor they first introduced in 2018, called Civility Ice Cream Photo: Stewart's Shops

When it comes to ice cream, Stewart's never disappoints, as they're constantly adding - or in this case re-adding - new flavors to keep up with our cold and creamy craving.

Why the Re-Introduction?

In a press release about the re-introduction, Stewart's Shops said, "a time when the world has more than its fair share of unrest and economic uncertainty, let’s head into 2024 with an extra scoop of Civility!"

For me personally, the only time "civility and kindness" come into question is when someone eats my Stewart's Peanut Butter Pandemonium without my permission - but I digress.

“We see this as an opportunity to ask everyone to take a moment to enjoy the sweeter things in life,” said Stewart’s Shops president Gary Dake. ‘We hope it’s a reminder that we may think differently but we still can respect each other and maybe even share an extra scoop or a smile.”

Available Now

According to the presser, Stewart's starting selling the limited-edition Civility ice cream this week.

Just another way that Stewart’s Shops brings people together!

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