Major Movie Being Shot in Downtown Albany

If you've ever wanted to appear as an "extra" in a major movie, today could be your lucky day.  Sources close to the filming location in downtown Albany didn't say which movie is being filmed but did tell GNA that they are looking for a bunch of extras, and yes, it's a paying gig!

Here's what we know about the major movie being shot in downtown Albany today:

  • A major movie from Paramount Pictures is being shot at MVP Arena this week and they are short on extras today.
  • Anyone who wants to be an extra can come down today
  • Email with Albany/Film in the subject line
  • Then, check in at the front doors of MVP Arena, they will take your information and you are in!
  • This is a paying gig. $128/8 Nonunion Rate
  • 18+ please
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Extras Needed for Film Production in Albany

We didn't learn how much money the extras will be paid for their service, but that may be irrelevant for anyone hoping to land in the film.

According to our source in downtown Albany, interested participants should plan on being there for most of the day, and they told us that extras "should wear casual clothes."

Producers with Paramount Pictures told our source that "they need as many (extras) as they can get" and that there might not be a limit to how many people are chosen.

"Our best guess is that they are trying to make the arena look full," the source told us.

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