Elvis Impersonator/Tour Guide at the Star Trek Experience

The body of a well-known Elvis impersonator and tour guide at the Star Trek Experience from Ticonderoga has reportedly been found after he went missing a few days ago, and police in Saratoga County have made an arrest.

According to Facebook posts from family members and friends, Thomas J. Krider, who is also known as TJ Greene, went missing back on April 5th and reports were that he was last seen in Saratoga County with an unknown man.

Worried family members and friends put up social media posts about Greene for days, suggesting that his disappearance was strange and that it was out of character when he didn't check in with his family.

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Thomas J Krider, AKA TJ Greene went missing a few days ago and sadly, his body was located and police have a man in custody.  Photo: Facebook

TJ's Body Was Recovered, Arrest Made

On Tuesday morning, a Facebook post by the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office said that they did find Krider's body, subsequently arresting the man they say is responsible, 69-year-old Ronald Raher from Milton.

Brian Cody
Ronald Rayher, 69, Milton, was charged in the death of a 40-year-old Ticonderoga man. Photo: Saratoga Sheriff's Office Facebook

According to the press release, Saratoga Sheriffs allege that Rayher "recklessly caused the death of another person" at his home in Milton back on April 5th.  They also allege that Rayher had "tampered with and suppressed evidence" after the incident.

Police didn't specify what happened in the events leading to Krider's death as the investigation is still ongoing.

TJ Greene, Well-Known in the Area

Sadly, we've learned that TJ was well-known and well-liked in the area.  Aside from his work as an Elvis impersonator, he was a tour guide at the very popular Star Trek Experience in Ticonderoga and had previously worked at 6 Flags The Great Escape in Lake George.

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