There are many places in the Capital Region to get a delicious fish fry but now there is one less. A fish fry joint that landed at #10 on the best fish fries in the Capital Region list has suddenly closed its doors forever.

Google Maps-Facebook
Google Maps-Facebook

The popular fish fry restaurant at 1599 Union Street in Troy has closed permanently and without any fanfare. An announcement was made on Off The Hook Fish Fry's Facebook page on November 8th.

The Off The Hook Fish Fry Facebook page didn't give much information other than it was shuttering on November 22nd. It also vaguely mentioned that another restaurant will be going into the location at 1599 Union Street in Schenectady.


In a brief mention, Off The Hook Fish Fry thanked everyone who supported the eatery for the past three and a half years. They called the restaurant a "fun and rewarding experience."

We aren't sure what is next for the owners, but they said they are "on to new adventures.

Off The Hook Fish Fry came in at #10 on our best fish fries in the Capital Region. Check out the list of where to find other amazing fish fries.

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