A chocolate milk made at an Upstate New York Dairy Farm has been recalled after is was discovered it wasn't properly pasteurized. 

A bit of bad news for chocolate milk lovers here in the Capital Region. If you happen to have chocolate milk from Meadowbrook Farms you may want to dump it.

WTEN reports that the New York State Department of Agriculture sent out a recall of the milk produced by the Clarksville, NY Dairy farm for improper pasteurization. They added that no illnesses have been reported from this instance.

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What seems a little fishy to me was that the dairy farm was notified about this back on May 3rd. The way it works to be safe is they are supposed to hold the milk for 30 minutes at 150 degrees. They did not do that on a batch made on April 24th which is what provoked the recall.

...on April 24, one batch lacked 30 seconds to a minute of pasteurization due to a holding pattern.

The farm's owner said they had no reason to believe that the milk was unsafe to drink for anyone.

Personally, if I found out about it on May 3rd I would have been very transparent with my customers about that.

The milk in question from that batch was sold in half gallon glass containers. If you have milk in the plastic you're fine to consume that.

Just make sure you check on your milk and keep everyone safe.

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