The New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, and Eagles' fans were none too pleased.

I mean, can you really blame them? Their team finished the season losing five out of their last six games, and in the process, they not only lost out on the first overall seed in the NFC, but they also lost a once-tight grip on their division, and now, will begin the postseason on the road against Tampa Bay.

Eagles' fans were, as I mentioned, unhappy, and the same can be said for the team's broadcasters, who ripped Philly...and their opponent...on television after the game this weekend.

You have to see this.

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Eagles' Broadcasters Rip Team, Insult New York Giants After Week 18 Loss

The New York Post was among a few publications that caught wind of comments made by Philadelphia Eagles' broadcasters Michael Barkann, Ron Jaworski, Barrett Brooks and Reuben Frank after their team lost to the New York Giants, 27-10, in Week 18 of the regular season.

Here's a clip from the postgame show that aired on NBC Sports Philadelphia this weekend:

As noted by The Post, here were a few gems that came from this segment of television:

“If you thought last week was rock bottom, they have yet to hit rock bottom, as bad as this looks." - Michael Barkann

"This team is not fighting, they’re not going out there with the heart that it is to play football. This is disrespecting my sport, a sport that I played 12 years with." - Barrett Brooks

Meanwhile, here's what Jaworski and Frank had to say about the loss:

"The way that team came out today, I'm embarrassed for them. To put that kind of product on the field against the New York Football Giants, a team that they are better than...I know, I'm probably crazy..." - Ron Jaworski

"Washington is up 10-7 [over Dallas], and the Eagles are already falling to pieces, with the chance to, maybe, win a division and get a No. 2 seed. Even that wasn't enough motivation to get them to wake up and play like a real football team. That's the most alarming thing about it." - Reuben Frank

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It was a disastrous season for Brian Daboll's New York Giants.

From the very first game against the Dallas Cowboys, it felt as though the Giants' playoff hopes were quickly fading. By Week 18, New York had nothing but their pride to play for, while Philadelphia had a lot to gain, or lose, in the season's final week.

Yet it was New York, led by QB Tyrod Taylor, who provided their fans with a sense of vengeance to end the season, given that the Eagles sent the Giants home almost one calendar year ago.

It's a small victory, but one that clearly stung the Eagles (and their broadcasters) as they limp into the NFL Playoffs.

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