Saquon Barkley may not have played in Sunday's New York Giants' game in Miami, but he was definitely involved in the action on, and off, the field.

Barkley was captured in a video, one that has since gone viral on X, in the middle of a heated exchange with an unidentified spectator. After the video was posted online, Barkley responded to it, claiming that he was defending his quarterback from fans who were jeering him after he got injured.

It was a bizarre situation, but the way Barkley handled it should be commended by Giants' fans.

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Barkley Defends Injured QB, Then Defends Himself Online After Viral Video Surfaces

Let's go step-by-step through this bizarre situation, which played out during the New York Giants' most recent loss at the hands of the Miami Dolphins. Star RB Saquon Barkley, who was inactive for Sunday's game, was captured in a video by a bystanding fan.

Here's the video in-question, which has since gone viral on X (here's my official bad language warning for you, also):

After the game was over, Barkley quote-tweeted the fan's video, and said this:

Look, if this is true, and Barkley was coming to the defense of his injured quarterback, then he deserves a lot of credit. The two players are two of the three longest-tenured members of the New York Giants, and have been through lots of ups-and-downs during that time.

Both players are part of the team's leadership group, yet this offseason, the fanbase was seemingly forced to "choose" between Jones and Barkley, as one was awarded a massive contract extension, while the other was forced into a franchise tag agreement, and proceeded to sit-out for part of the summer.

Again, assuming that Barkley *was* defending his quarterback, it's a positive sign to see the two offensive leaders on the same page after the mess that was the 2023 offseason.

Here were some of the responses to Barkley's message on X:

The Giants are optimistic that both Jones and Barkley will play this weekend, when New York plays Buffalo on Sunday Night Football. To have the slightest chance to remain competitive in this game, the G-Men will need both players healthy, and playing at their highest level.

Even if that might get a bit ugly.