It appears that New York's automated speeding ticket system isn't going anywhere.

Drivers in Orange, Erie, Bronx, Essex, Monroe, Nassau, Suffolk and several other counties could receive a speeding ticket in the mail without even realizing they were caught. Last year the New York State Department of Transportation began setting up speed cameras to automatically identify drivers who were going too fast. The controversial cameras have been drawing criticism because they do not necessarily punish the driver who is speeding, but rather the owner of the vehicle caught on radar.

New York Installs 18 New Automated Speeding Ticket Cameras This Week

As the weather warms up and road construction projects get into full swing, the Department of Transportation has set up even more cameras on major roadways throughout the State of New York. From April 29 through May 3 there will be 18 speeding cameras installed in 10 different counties.

New York Speeding Ticket

Vehicles caught speeding in designated work areas will receive automated tickets that can total up to $100. First-time offenders will receive a $50 ticket, those who are caught twice within a year and a half will be charged $75 and any vehicle that has broken the speed limit three or more times will be fined $100. Because of the nature of the automated ticket process, none of these fines include points or increases to insurance rates.

Automated Speeding Ticket Camera Locations in New York Revealed

This week, there will be four speeding ticket cameras on I-87. The cameras will be aimed at both the northbound and southbound lanes at exit 3 in the Bronx, on the northbound lane in Essex over West Mill Brook and at the Bridge over Route 9 in Warren County.

In Orange County, a camera will remain on I-84 on the westbound lane between Exit 39 and 32. More cameras are listed below.

New York State Department of Transportation
New York State Department of Transportation

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