What is "No Mow May"?

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And why do I struggle to say it out loud?

Is it that due to their spelling differences, it doesn't seem that "no" and "mow" should rhyme? My brain is disconnecting from my mouth on this one.

But I digress.

It doesn't take much to convince me not to mow my lawn. Afterall, I didn't ask to have a lawn. It was forced upon me because someone once decided that a lawn was a sign of wealth and status. Well to me, it is a sign of obligation. We've all heard for a few years how there have been trouble with bees. As more and more land is developed, this very important resource and member of our ecosystem is disappearing. That is not good for us.

So, I ask you New Yorkers; Are we doing what we can for our environment and our ecosystem? Time will tell, as will our overgrown lawns. We can do this and we can give the bees a chance.

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