The Super Bowl will be played in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 11 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransico 49ers. Most of America will be watching the rematch from four years ago.

Here in Western New York, most fans are sick of seeing the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the big game and can't wait to see what will happen next with the Buffalo Bills. The season never really ends as Bills fans are always talking about their favorite team in some way or another. For example, a recent survey from the popular real estate website, Zillow, is getting some attention after it shows Josh Allen low on their list of favorable neighbors.

To make things worse, the number one pick, according to this survey, was Travis Kelce!

In a press release from Zillow:

A new survey from Zillow® finds the football player Americans most want to be next-door neighbors with is Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end who is in a relationship with Taylor Swift. Kelce (12%) topped the list of professional football players

Buffalo Bills QB, Josh Allen, landed at number 5 on the list with only 5% of the respondents saying that he would be their choice for a neighbor! As we know, the Buffalo Bills are the ONLY NFL team that can call New York State home!

The Taylor Swift factor most likely plays in to this decision for many people and it makes sense based on a recent report that shows just how big of an impact Taylor Swift has had on the NFL.

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