Not even a week in to the new year and there is a major recall that affects certain vehicles that are on the road in New York State.

The recall alerts are fast and furious these days. In fact, it seems that we are getting around 2-3 a week! If you purchase anything preowned, like a car or ATV or boat, the dealer may check to see if there are any recalls prior to delivering the vehicle to you.

But the latest recall is on various Ford F-150 pickup trucks. The issue with is that the rear axle may be bad and cause an accident.

There may not be any consumer more loyal or dedicated to a brand than those who own pickup trucks. There is a good chance that if you own a truck, the next one you will buy will be the same brand and you will defend that brand no matter what. Ford, Ram, Chevy/GMC and even Toyota and Nissan all are making trucks. Tesla now has a truck that is getting some attention as well.

But for those who love a gas powered/diesel powered truck, it is going to be tough for them to make the switch to an electric truck.

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