The price of real Christmas trees has gone up over the past couple of years significantly and they are going to be going up again for the 2023 season.

New York State has over 750 Christmas Tree Farms and sell hundreds of thousands of trees.

CNN reported prices increased by as much as 20% at some stands in 2022. As for 2023, we talked to a few farms in the area who said that they will be raising prices by about 10%. If the average price of a tree was 77 bucks the average price of a real tree this year is going to be about $85 on average. 

Cutting your own Christmas trees down at your local farm might not be any cheaper, either. In fact, we found that all of the farms that we called, the CUT-YOUR-OWN-TREE option was MORE expensive that the $85 average of buying a real Christmas Tree.

The prices we got to cut down any size Christmas Tree at the farm were $100

What's the price difference between the fake trees and the real trees? 

That's tough to answer, but the fake tree is definitely the best investment financially. Fake trees can be OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. You can pay 500 bucks for a beautiful, pre-lit tree. On the other hand, there are some pretty nice trees that are 6.5 foot tall, NOT pre-lit for $29, after a quick google search.

Though, to some people it doesn't matter because they only want a real tree as it could be part of a tradition, culture or preference.

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Gallery Credit: Brett Alan