What a bizarre saga that happened at a fishing tournament in Dunkirk over the weekend. A few thousand dollars and a trip were available to be won during this tournament and one guy was going to extreme lengths to cheap and win the tournament.
A man from Forestville caught walleye and then shoved smaller fish through the mouth in order to make it weigh more. The CDC was called on the man and you can see some of the pictures below. The organizer of the tournament, Mark Mohr wrote about the problem on Facebook:
I appreciate everyone's patience to let me get to the bottom of this mess , people who cheat and get caught are permanently banned from fishing this event. People who cheat have no respect for me or there fellow fisherman. I now have a list of 7 names that are banned for life.
Thanks again guys.
Special Congratulations to ship of fools for winning the trip to Panama for 2 with a value of $14,500.00
Congratulations to fishing traditions for winning the Kansas whitetail hunt with Alan and Cody Smith.

Take a look at the fish that the man tried to cheat with. Take a look at the pictures of the fish that were taken by the DEC.

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