Surveillance video shows a shoot out right next to a J. C. Club, and a local pastor wants to help police curb the uptick in gun violence.

Pastor Charlie Mueller showed a video, and in the video a teenager can be seen on the sidewalk just seconds before he was shot and killed. The video shows a white vehicle drive up near the teenager before a suspect leaned out of the window and fired at the teenager striking and killing him.

The video also captures a man across the street sitting on a stoop. It appears that the man saw the child being shot. Then he pulls out a gun and fires at the vehicle as it drives away.

According to WNYT, Pastor Mueller seems disturbed by the video and he is also upset about the uptick in gun violence in the neighborhood. Pastor Mueller says that the recent shooting was just one of many shootings in the area.

He complained that he doesn’t see very much police presence, so he came up with a suggestion to put two officers inside of his JC club. He’s offered to make space for officers inside the JC Club before violence erupts.

Police Chief Eric Hawkins seems to be interested in taking Pastor Mueller up on his offer to allow police to work out of the JC Club. Chief Hawkins said, “That’s not a proposal that’s been given to me. It’s something that I would entertain. If someone wants to offer some increased collaboration or perhaps partnerships, then absolutely.“

We all know that the police can’t be everywhere, but Pastor Mueller‘s suggestion could put police officers in locations that would make their presence known. We, as a community, have to do better in looking out for each other and making our communities safer.

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