How much time should be allowed for students to eat lunch? An hour, 45 mins, 30? According to Fox25 parents are saying that their kids are only getting 20min or less to eat lunch. With a full school day and lunch being an important meal time, parents feel there just isn't enough time for them to eat mindfully and to eat all of their food, and for kids who rely on school lunches they would have to wait in line and eat their lunch all within those 20mins.

However federal mandates ensure schools serve nutritious meals, but there is no mandate on how much time schools must provide. The one problem that this brings is that school lunch may be some students first meal of the day or only meal, so not having enough time to eat could cause learning problems in the classroom. I think a good 45 mins is appropriate time frame being that students are in school for 6-8 hours and don't get breaks outside switching classes then 45 minutes is good. That's a full work day and employees who work 8 hours or more get a least a 30 min lunch break with two 15-minute breaks in between.

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Senator Dick Durbin Tours New Healthy Lunch In Schools Program
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