According to a viral social media post by @mattsurelee, these are the "Most Overrated" cities in every state, and as you can see from the image below, Albany takes the cake in the State of New York.

How is that even possible? To quote one of my buddies who saw the viral post yesterday, "I didn't even know Albany was rated!"

For the record, the entire post is ridiculous; there's little to no context, and regardless of your thoughts on Albany, the post loses steam when iconic cities like LA, Dallas, Nashville, and even Myrtle Beach are on the list.

So, this begs the question: How can a city like Albany that gets dumped on all the time be overrated?  What are y'all expecting when you come here?

Based upon years of observations and trash talk, the general perception of Albany is that we kind of always sucked.

  • Our skyline looks like the Cold War
  • Fans don't support the local sports teams
  • When they do, the team leaves for a better city
  • Burt Kreischer thinks its a dump
  • It’s filled with corrupt politicians
  • The taxes are way too high
  • The weather sucks
  • Traffic is a nightmare
  • The streets aren’t safe
  • The malls aren’t safe
  • Nobody knows how to properly turn left
  • The Hudson River is gross
  • The Riverfront is destroyed
  • The skyway goes nowhere
  • They ruined Tulip Fest
  • There’s nowhere to park for anything
  • The Public schools are terrible
  • The city is old - the infrastructure is rotted
  • Everyone is moving to a different state
  • Too many Liberals
  • Too many rednecks
  • The Lights in the Park are too crowded
  • The young kids are unruly
  • The high school kids are all gangsters
  • The college kids are a pain in the ass
  • The Simpson make fun of us
  • Our most famous resident invented toilet paper
  • Our ex-Governor liked to touch people
  • Our new Governor is out of touch
  • What did we miss?

All of these things - or NONE of these things - might be true, but regardless, they are things we've not only heard before but things that many of us already say.

And believe it or not - somehow, someway, many reading this right now still choose to be here, so take this sucker punch with a grain of salt, and know that it could be worse.  According to his map, all of New Jersey of "garbage".

You can say a lot of things about Albany, but judging by the list of sh*t people (including us) say about the capital city, "overrated" feels like a compliment!

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