I want to make sure all the artists are good during this Corona lockdown. Casanova 2x checks in with The Supreme Experience to talk COVID-19. Everyone is at home now, but Casanova was caught outside earlier in the month shooting a video and people put him on blast. Everyone wasn't taking the threat seriously at first, Casanova is now remaining in and working on his music while enjoying his luxury house.

Casanova also spoke on how he thinks the world will look after this lockdown is over. Things will be changed and Casanova doesn't think things will go back to normal. He brought up a good point about how million-dollar business's going down will affect everyone.

Casanova also talked about Fred The Godson and his untimely death, R.I.P. to Fred The Godson 😢. Check out the IG Live interview and tap in with us online @hot991.

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