Hundreds of workers are receiving their pink slips in Schenectady. But there is a silver lining. There are a few companies that are going to try and hire those workers. According to News Channel 13, General Electric said it is laying off two hundred hourly employees and eliminating those positions. The company said the layoffs are a direct result of the challenges they face in the power industry plus a forty five percent decline in volume at GE in Schenectady.

The GE workers affected are the manufacturing and assembly employees. The company also says that the layoffs have nothing to do with employee performance. They are also dedicated to help those who are let go to find work. They will receive a severance package as well.

There are several companies in Schenectady County that are hoping to hire some of the GE employees that have been laid off. Those companies are DSM, Nutritional Products and Inova.

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