Rumors have been swirling that Drake & Rihanna are gettin more serious in their on again, off again fling.  But is it so serious that now Drizzy is officially cheatin on Rihanna when another woman is concerned?!

Apparently Drake spends a lot of time on Instagram. So much so that he became "involved" with a girl on Instagram & decided to fly her from Houston to Toronto just so he could link up with her. Now thats very weird & almost even desperate! Drake is a superstar! Why is he pickin up random groupie chicks on Instagram?

Well probably cause he got it like that! This chick better be a supermodel for him to take that risk! Hasn't Drake ever heard of the show "Catfish"? He could've been very disappointed to say the least!

Instagram is becoming the new version of "where black people meet", mixed with Eharmony &! WTF!

Cheating on Rihanna is as bad as cheating on Halle Berry, but then again, those two ladies may have a way to push one's buttons! Jus sayin'! LOL

Drake, listen up bro, if you're gonna cheat at least let it not be some random groupie that gets publicized! According to internet sources, Drake & Rihanna may just not be together anymore afterall after this story broke!!