Imagine walking through the woods and finding a human bone under some leaves that is exactly what happened to Nancy Jefts.  She was actually visiting her dying father when she literally stumbled over human remains.

New York State Police are investigating a set of human remains found in a wooded area near the Town Hall in Lake George. Police say there were no obvious signs of trauma but they have experts examining the remains right now to determine an ID and a cause of death.

Here is exactly what happened to Nancy according to Times Union :


"I picked it up then thought it looked too big to be from an animal. As I started to look around the site, I saw another shoe, a gym bag. I saw a deteriorating piece of clothing and I started to see more bones. I just put the bone back down and thought oh my gosh I think these are human."

This sounds absolutely crazy, I hope they find out whose remains these are because the person had to have been missing for years, in order for the body to decompose to the point where they weren't even recognizable.

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