The cost-benefit of the New York gas tax holiday has already come and gone, but you could be experiencing a negative side effect of the cost-saving measure as you take to New York's roads in the month ahead.

Yes, we did get some minor relief when the gas tax holiday kicked off. But as gas prices continue to soar, navigating your monthly budget isn't the only thing that will continue to be bumpy.

Damage asphalt concrete road. The hole is in center of the road.
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We all have that one road, or maybe several, that we dread navigating in the Capital Region. Not necessarily because of traffic, but because of the road's condition. Heck, we have potholes in the area that if you added some chlorine and a floaty they could pass for swimming pools! Well, some key work on our roadways could get held up because of the gas tax holiday.

Road Work Ahead Sign shown against a bright blue sky
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According to a Spectrum News story, half of the funds generated from the 33 cent per gallon gas tax typically go to the Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund to take care of things like road repairs and improvements. Because of the 16 cents of that per gallon gas tax that has been cut with the holiday, officials tell Spectrum the state may need to focus on more temporary 'band-aid" repairs to our roads. Translation: some roads that really need some serious work may only see temporary fixes.

So that one road you dread driving everyday? Find another route, or make sure you stay on your toes to evade those pool-sized potholes. Or maybe the temporary band-aid is we get that chlorine and those floaties, close some roads, and add some new Capital Region swimming holes this summer! Ha!

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