We all have our ups and downs in life. That's why its important to have great family members and ever friends to help you in your time of need.  What time could be needier than not having any place to live. Sometimes helping a friend can go too far and instead of a friend who is down on their luck you have a permanent fixture in your home. When does enough become enough, how long would you let your friend you were down on their luck stay with you?

According to YouGov's Survey :

  • Only 6% of people said they wouldn't be prepared to let them stay at ALL.  And another 14% said they weren't sure.  Here's what the rest of us said . . .
  • 13% would let a friend stay one or two nights, and 22% said up to a week.  That was the most popular answer.
  • 12% said up to two weeks . . . another 14% said a month . . . 5% said up to three months . . . 3% said up to six months . . . and 1% said up to a YEAR.
  • Another 1% said a little LONGER than a year if they needed to.  But here's the really crazy one:  9% of people said they'd let a friend stay at their place INDEFINITELY.
I think the numbers will be a little different in the Capital Region, how long would you allow your friend to stay with you? I say a week it depends on how good of friends we are. There has to be some kind of pattern of irresponsibility in your life where your homeless and I’m the only person who offers help to you.

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