One of the biggest questions people had about Corona Virus is whether is can survive on clothing? I think I found out the answer. With all the caution being given to Coronavirus you should definitely do the basics when it comes to personal hygiene, such as sanitizing surfaces and making sure you wash your hands for more the 20 seconds, also staying out of crowded places.

There is also a big item on you right now that could contract and allow the virus to live, your clothes. I was shocked that researchers are saying the Coronavirus can live on your clothes for a few hours or even a couple of days.

According to CDC, Coronavirus is said to last for days on hard surfaces stainless steel plastic and more. The virus can live in clothes, blankets, and other household clothing items.

The CDC also recommends that you change your clothes and remove shoes when coming in from outdoors. Also, wash and dry linens in warm water and if you feel like your laundry or the person wearing the infecting items, has been exposed to COVID-19. The items should be washed as as possible, you should use gloves and warm to hot water, when washing clothing that has come into contact with the virus. After your finished washing the clothing, with gloves then wash your hands.

This may seem like a lot but these actions are effective in curving the spread of Coronavirus.

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