Another Hot Topic, this one involves newlyweds who are having the dreaded bank account debate. Who should pay most of the bills in a marriage the husband, the wife, or should it be 50/50?

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"I am writing this because I want my wife to hear this on the radio. We are newlyweds, we have been married since November and we have been getting along great except for one thing, our bank accounts. I feel like we should share an account, pay all of the bills out of that account and save what’s leftover.

She feels like we should have separate accounts and since I make the most money, I should pay the majority of the bills. She moved into my house after we got married and her thinking is, I would have to pay the bills if I was there alone.

So she wants to contribute but keep her money to herself. She said she read that since I make about 70% of the income I should pay that much and she should pay 30%. We just don’t see eye to eye on this. So I am asking you to see what your listeners think, separate bank accounts or joint bank account?"

This one is really an individual decision and should have really been discussed before marriage. Some people are raised in conventional traditional settings where a man typically pays all of the bills. Although this is 2021 and women are afforded the same opportunities as men when it comes to working and making money.

There are a lot of women who earn more than their partners but the financial responsibilities are still set up like the 1940's. This seems like an unfair deal. I think you should set up separate bank accounts because you make most of the money so you call the shots she might not agree with but it's your money and your marriage. Give her a rundown of what is owed for the month and keep it moving. Either way, you should've made an agreement before getting married. Good luck with this because it will be a huge issue in the duration of your marriage. What do you think about this HOT Topic give me a call this afternoon at 518-370-9910 to discuss or tap in with the Hot 991 App?

How should finances be arranged in a modern marriage?

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