When the calendar hits November, and you're preparing to walk out the door of your home in the morning, you plan on grabbing a coat, right?

By this time of the year, it's usually pretty chilly in Upstate New York. The leaves have long-since turned colors, and are in the process of falling to the ground in bunches. We move from Halloween preparation, to Thanksgiving preparation, all with an eye on the holiday season.

All of this seems feels like it needs to be put on hold, however, because as we begin November, it's been really, really warm.

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Record High Temperatures Expected in Central, Upstate NY to Start November

A story from New York Upstate detailed what we can expect in the local area in terms of temperatures in November, and specifically, how warm we can expect it to be. The article details that over the first week of November, it's expected to be 60 degrees, on-average, in Central New York.

That's a full FIFTEEN degrees warmer than the average temperature at this time of year in that area. Not only that, but it's the warmest opening week of November in at least 120 years, when official weather records began to be tracked.

New York Upstate consulted with New York state Climatologist Mark Wysocki, who stated that we can thank a deep drop in the jet stream for the incredible rise in temperature to start the month. The jet stream will likely flatten out after a week, returning us to the normal temperatures associated with late fall.

Central, Upstate NY set for unseasonably warm November / Unsplash (Layne Lawson)
Central, Upstate NY set for unseasonably warm November / Unsplash (Layne Lawson)

Now, that's what Central New York is looking at. How about the Capital Region and Upstate New York, and what we can expect over the next week. Here is the forecast for Albany, New York for the next seven days, beginning on Thursday, November 3rd:

  • 11/3: High of 67, Low of 45
  • 11/4: High of 69, Low of 56
  • 11/5: High of 74, Low of 62
  • 11/6: High of 72, Low of 58
  • 11/7: High of 72, Low of 42
  • 11/8: High of 58, Low of 35
  • 11/9: High of 58, Low of 41

The temperature bounces back to the 60's until the following week, with the first 40 degree day expected on November 15th. Even when you head toward the east coast of New York on I-87, the temperature remains balmy for the remainder of the week. It's a crazy phenomenon going on in our area, the likes of which we have never seen before.

So, play your last round of golf, or have your last cook-out in the backyard, while you still have this extra chance.

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