Much has been made of Drizzy's alleged romance with Jennifer Lopez. The pop culture-induced thrill of imagining a steamy relationship between the two has made it easy to forget what likely brought them together in the first place: the chance to cook up some heat in the studio. Now, thanks to a video recently posted on Twitter, we finally have confirmation that Drake and Jennifer Lopez have indeed been working on some music. You can hear some of the two superstars' collaboration in the video up top.

In the clip, which was allegedly recorded at the Winter Wonderland Prom, we can see Drake and J. Lo rocking the crown and tiara of prom king and queen as they dance around to a smooth pop track they recorded. We don't hear much of the track, but Drake and J. Lo's vocals both pop up in what sounds like it could be a cross between "One Dance" and "Waiting for Tonight." We also see Drizzy deliver a playful kiss, continuing to act out the prom-inspired event. We see you Drizzy.

It looks like Drizzy and J. Lo are having a good time, but one hip-hop legend isn't too impressed with their alleged relationship. Yesterday (Dec. 29), Funkmaster Flex continued his ongoing but mostly one-sided beef with Drizzy by insinuating that the Toronto rapper was dating Lopez in order to get revenge on Diddy, who allegedly assaulted Drizzy two years ago.

The first of Flex's incendiary tweets reads, "Doggy saved the pic for the anniversary and everything!!! Haaaa! Wow! Sensitive new nigga fail!.” As predicted, Twitter had more than a few things to say about Flex's outburst. You can check out how the Internet responded to Flex's comments here.

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