2015 was supposed to be a glorious year for Meek Mill. The Philly native and resident young gun of Rick Ross' MMG clique had just been released from prison in December 2014, after serving nearly five months for violating his probation and was primed for a big return to the rap game. And Meek made good on those predictions, regaining his spot as one of rap's most promising young talents by gifting the fans with a series of buzz tracks on the road to his sophomore LP, Dreams Worth More Than Money. The album, which claimed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 to the tune of 247,752 units sold in its first week of release.

The project featured a new and improved Meek and was touted by critics as one of the best releases of the year up to that point. Meek was flourishing in his personal life as well, having finally locked down fellow rap star Nicki Minaj as his lady after years of nipping on her heels on social media. The world was in the palm of his hands and everything was coming up roses, but in a matter of a few weeks, the tide would quickly change and it would no longer be smooth-sailing for the MC.

His commentary on social media and actions outside of that would land him in hot water with a few of his peers in the rap game, resulting in what amounted to Meek's house of cards tumbling down. But instead of relenting, he put on his battle armor and has decided to face his rivals and the scrutiny head on. His new EP, 4/4, finds him going at the likes of Drake and 50 Cent. It seems Meek is determined to prove that he's a true boss to the highest order.

We've rounded up nine people that Meek has had on his hit list over the past few years -- they could easily stand in the way of his rise to power. Here's a History of Meek Mill's Beefs From Rappers to Politicians.

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    Sibling rivalries are as old as the earth, but it's still front page news whenever brothers in rhyme have a falling out in the public eye. And that's exactly happened when Meek Mill became embroiled in a dispute with his MMG brother Wale after feeling what he perceived as a lack of support from his label mate. After noticing that Wale hadn't celebrated the news of the release date for his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, on his social media accounts, Meek voiced his displeasure on Twitter in 2014. "Wale just ain't gone tweet a thing about my album.... He's been hating on me long time now ...don't even text me cornball! #UNOTMMG," he wrote. Meek would send social media into a frenzy, with fans speculating on what the future of MMG would be.

    Wale would respond to Meek's jabs with a post of his own on Instagram, in which he denied being jealous of the "I'ma Boss" rhymer. He pointed out Meek's lack of support in regards to his own endeavors. While the beef would quickly be patched up, it would not be the last sign of dissension in the MMG ranks.

    Tensions would rise again between the two in October of 2015, when Wale referred to Meek Mill's approach to battling Drake as "bringing a pencil to a gunfight," which didn't sit well with Meek. He would respond to that assessment by bashing Folarin on Instagram and encouraging him to jump off a roof, which was considered a low blow by many in light of his label-mates bouts with depression. Rick Ross would play peacemaker on both occasions and reel his young lions in to extinguish the flames, but anyone with common sense is aware of the fact that MMG is far from a happy family at this juncture.

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    Drake's diatribe talking on Meek Mill may be the verbal attack that we remember most from 2015, but one that went under the radar was Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend Safaree's barbed words aimed at Meek Mill. After splitting with Minaj following a 12-year relationship last year, Safaree was shocked to find out that Meek, whom he had introduced Nicki to, was wooing her and that the two were an item. After months of subliminal disses on social media levied against one another, Meek began to get aggressive with the slick talk. Tweets like, "If you gotta hang around 45 people to come outside u ain't real u scared," were perceived to be a Safaree diss.

    But things would reach a tipping point when Meek took blatant shots at Safaree on "Pullin Up," a track from Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money album while hinting that his relationship with Nicki predates the former couple's breakup. With his manhood questioned, Safaree decided to strike back with the scathing diss "Lifeline," on which he responds to Meek's shots on "Pullin Up," rapping, "When you was pulling up, I was pulling out/ I know real sh*t I ain't gonna talk about / I seen the text messages, I seen the emails / Somebody tell me why he's talking like a female."

    Meek would return fire on "Wanna Know," the Drake diss track, taunting Safaree with "let's keep it short, nigga, you ain't get ya chick back yet," which would prove to be the last shot fired on wax to this point. This beef seems to have died down and has shown no signs of life as of late, indicating that Safaree has decided to cut his losses and move on instead of engaging in anymore rhyme wars.

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    Among the collateral damage that was left in the wake of the Drake and Meek Mill war was AR-Ab's inclusion into the beef after being name-dropped by Drake on his "Back to Back" record. But many may be unaware of the extent of Meek and AR-Ab's history. A former partner to Meek Mill rival Cassidy, AR-Ab enjoyed his own fame within the same Philly scene that Meek emerged from, but would be derailed after the murder of a Philadelphia man left him and Cassidy in jail.

    Meek, who became embroiled in his own spat with Cassidy, name-dropped AR-Ab in his diss track, "Repo" rapping, “And your goons ain't riding witcha, they all mad / 'Cause you ain't never put no food up in AR abs.” Some took it as a slight against Ab himself, but the rapper begged to differ.

    “He was talking about me man,” said AR-Ab in regards to his mention on “Repo.” “I caught a body and I ain’t get nothing from it. A lot of nigga’s on Twitter saying ‘Damn Ab, go at Meek.’ Why? I can’t go at Meek. That’s my homie. He never did nothing to me. He always looked out for me. He put me on the songs.”

    While "Repo" would not get a reaction out of AR-Ab, he surely took notice of "Back to Back" and decided to side with Drake, much to Meek Mill's chagrin. After releasing his own diss against Meek Mill, Philly rap vet Beanie Sigel stepped in and cooler heads have been able to prevail. This beef is over for now.

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    Before Meek Mill rose to prominence, fellow Philly native Cassidy was seen as the prince of the city by many and gave props to a young Meek during his days on the mixtape circuit. But somewhere along the line, the relationship strained, leading to both rappers taking digs at each other, the first notable one coming on Cassidy's 2012 track, "Me, Myself, & iPhone."

    Bars like “I raised son, I was around when the clown couldn’t even get his braids done” and “I usually don’t get mad but I had enough, when he dropped that son ‘Amen’ that was blasphemous," didn't sit well with Meek, who returned fire with his own track, "Repo." Those records would lead to the two rappers trading diss songs back and forth for the first half of 2013 until Meek felt a line was crossed on Cassidy's track, "Catch A Body," on which he rapped "I ain't broke, chill, man, I'm still worth a few mill / You remind me of Sisqo from Dru Hill / Fuck how you feel, you got Lil Snupe killed / And you only ride out on two wheels."

    Meek perceived the rhymes as disrespect and addressed it in and interview with Life + Times, giving a warning to Cassidy. "Don't be talking about nobody that's dead 'cause when you see me you ain't gonna talk like that." Cassidy, who refused to retract his words, admitted that the beef was never personal and all in the spirit of hip-hop, but wasn't slow to comment on Meek's rift with Drake, calling the diss record "trash" in his critique. With all of the drama surrounding Meek, this beef has remained dormant for quite sometime, but could spark back up at the drop of a rhyme, so only time will tell.

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    Louie V Gutta


    Meek Mill's loyalty to his Dreamchasers team has been one of the more endearing traits of the rapper throughout the years, but one member of his clique has a bone to pick with him. Former Dreamchasers artist Louie V Gutta found himself on the outs after tweeting, “What goes around comes around...karma,” in the aftermath of Slowbucks' infamous chain snatching at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert in 2014.

    While it was unclear who the comment was directed to, Meek took it to be aimed at Slowbucks and proceeded to chide his protege, tweeting, "Slow got the chain back u got took chill bro u drawing!” Meek Mill was referencing an instance in 2013, when Louie V Gutta and an associate were relieved of their jewelry at gunpoint. Hurt that Meek Mill would air him out publicly, the two began hurling insults and issuing threats against one another all but signaling the end of Louie V Gutta's association with Dreamchasers.

    Meek and his former protege have been at odds since, with one run-in leading to someone initially reported to be Louie V being pistol whipped, but video has since confirmed that he wasn't the victim. The last instance of their names being tied was during Meek Mill's beef with Drake when Louie V claimed to have written a number of songs for Meek in the past, including tracks on his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares. This dust-up may have simmered down in recent months, but we're sure these two won't be planning to collaborate anytime soon.

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    Norm Kelly

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    Norm Kelly is one of the more unlikely foes Meek Mill has faced in his career, but has emerged as one of the most ruthless. The Canadian politician, who took over non-statutory mayoral powers from Rob Ford after his infamous fall from grace, is the Toronto city councillor and has taken a special interest in the beef between Meek and Drake. In the aftermath of Meek's ghostwriting allegations against Drake last July, Kelly was among the first obscure personalities to comment on the situation and immediately sided with his hometown here.

    "This is the reason people hire ghostwriters. #WeDidntWannaKnow," Kelly tweeted once the rapper dropped his Drake diss "Wanna Know." From notifying Meek Mill that he's no longer welcome in Toronto to poking fun at his lack of success, Kelly has become one of the most popular -- albeit increasingly annoying -- Meek hecklers to date. The MC even hit back with some shots directed at the politician during his recent war with 50 Cent. "Norm Kelly hold up…… Young black dude that came from nothing vs old white racist man from Toronto…. I got more money than you already? You took the real “L” in life champ!" he wrote in an Instagram post. The "L" Norm Kelly sent Meek's way must've really gotten under his skin.

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    If you're not well aware of the battle of the century that went down between Meek and Drake last year you have to be living under a rock. The uninformed get a crash course here. Meek finds out Drake doesn't write all his raps and decides to put the Toronto native on blast in a series of tweets in July. "Stop comparing drake to me too.... He don't write his own raps! That's why he ain't tweet my album because we found out!" Meek wrote on Twitter.

    After exposing Drizzy, the What a Time to Be Alive creator returns fire with diss songs "Charged Up" and "Back to Back," which the public loves. On the latter, Drake rhymes, "Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour? / I know that you gotta be a thug for her / This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more" -- a little jab at Nicki Minaj. The Philly rapper responds to Drake's diss with "Wanna Know," a song the public hates. "How these niggas acting like they trill but really fake / And people acting like it go
    I just wanna know, I just wanna know / Was it Quentin Miller? Was it Hush or was it Detail where you really got your flow? Milli Vanilli ass nigga," he raps.

    There are various nooks and crannies involved in their clash, but Meek has proved to be the loser in terms of public opinion when it comes to this lyrical beef. But with the innumerable darts aimed at Drake's scalp on Meek's 4/4 EP, there are still a few pages left to write before closing this particular chapter in hip-hop history.

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    50 Cent

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    Just when Meek Mill seems to have too much on his plate to handle, another obstacle has appeared in the form of 50 Cent, who's infamous for his relentless attacks on the opposition and remorseless brand of warfare. After what may (or may not) have been an innocent comment made in jest by Meek in regards to G-Unit's style of horseplay, he and Fif became embroiled in the latest beef to occupy the rap world in 2016. After feeling the beef heating up, Meek decided to go on the offensive with his track, "Gave Em Hope," on which he fires shots at 50 with reckless abandon. Fif has responded by disparaging Meek through memes, calling him a "shit head" and promising to have new material dedicated to the rapper sooner than later -- and that's just to name a few moments. They've continued to go back and forth on social media for more than a week. Meek even called out Fif for failing to donate water to the crisis going on in Flint, Mich. This duel doesn't look like it will be over anytime soon.

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    Assistant District Attorney Noel Ann DeSantis

    The "Lord Knows" rhymer may have his share of tense exchanges with rappers, but it is his ongoing back-and-forth with Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Noel Ann DeSantis that has proved to cause him the most strife. DeSantis, who has been the prosecutor on Meek's case after reaching a plea agreement in his 2008 case on drugs and weapons charges, first came to the public's attention in 2012 when the rapper referenced her on his Dreamchasers 2 track, "The Ride," in 2012.

    “The D.A. said she hate me but I don’t understand / When I just rocked a show in front of 50,000 fans / I think that bitch racist, she probably in a Klan," he raps. The lyrics got him in hot water with DeSantis and the judge presiding on his case. He also alleged that DeSantis was racist and had a personal vendetta against him. “Every time I go 2 probation it’s a new thing,” he wrote in tweets that have since been deleted. “The D.A. on my case a racist. I caught that case when I was 18 [and] she’s still bothering me….I go 2 court July 11th. I want every piece of press 2 see the way they try 2 handle my case because I’m famous.”

    Things would take a turn for the worse in July of 2014 when Meek's probation was revoked and he was sentenced to three to six months in prison. After being released in December of that year, Meek was found to be fully compliant in his probation until violating a travel restriction put him in hot water again. The rapper also claimed that the D.A. lied when accusing him of attempting to pass off water as urine for a drug test. Meek Mill was eventually found guilty on the parole violation and is due to appear in court on Feb. 5, 2016 and is sure to be his biggest battle yet.