As the coronavirus crisis intensifies, rappers like DrakeCardi B and her husband Offset have been trying to make the best of things while social distancing as people from across the globe try to stop the spread of the virus. So while they are doing that, they are also connecting with their fans on social media.

Drake reportedly quarantined himself after news broke that Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant tested positive for the coronavirus, which The New York Times says has been diagnosed in 15,000 cases across the U.S. and has led to state-mandated early closings and quarantines across the globe.

Drake was hanging out with Durant a week prior, and a week later it was reported that he was himself. In an Instagram story he posted earlier this week, Drizzy revealed to some fans that he was kicking back and watching some movies.

For their part, Cardi B and Offset have been keeping each other company. 'Set's been passing the time during the pandemic in a very unusual but constructive way. The Migos rapper rolled 15 blunts in a roll, a feat that left Bardi flat-out astonished. “Nothing else to do,” Offset says. On her own end of things, Bardi is consistently posting information related to the coronavirus on her IG page. She’s also keeping watch on how a viral coronavirus song featuring her voice is doing on the streaming charts.

XXL compiles a list of rappers making the best of their time while on quasi-lockdown.

  • Travis Scott Makes Beats

    While under quarantine, Travis Scott is keeping himself busy in his home studio. It looks like La Flame is making fire beats on his computer and drum machine. Are we getting a new album soon?

  • Megan Thee Stallion Plays Jenga

    Megan Thee Stallion is keeping the fun clean and old-fashioned by playing rounds of Jenga while she's stuck in the crib. Of course, it wouldn't be Meg if she didn't add a little twerking to it too!

    When the 2019 XXL Freshman wasn't playing Jenga, she was starting up the #SavageChallenge, which instructs fans to dance to her song “Savage” from her latest project, Suga.

  • Cardi B Bulldozes Jenga Blocks

    Cardi B's boredom clearly reached peak levels when she posted a video of herself running into a massive tower of Jenga blocks and collapsed them. Looks like she had a good time doing it, though.

  • Plies Is Looking for Phone Sex?

    Plies had some interesting thoughts regarding the "social distancing" the world has been encouraged to practice. The rapper says that phone sex is now what he'll be looking for in the interim since he can't see anyone in person to get the real thing. Per Plies, it's officially "phone sex season!"

  • Guapdad 4000 Launches #RonaRaps

    To pass the time during the quarantine, Guapdad 4000 is sticking to his day job. The Bay Area rhymer has launched his #RonaRaps series. In what he's calling a "digital cypher," Guap will pick a beat every week and rap over in a selfie-style video, then send to one of his fellow rapper homies to do the same and he will edit to together. He plans to drop both one of those videos and a new song every week.

  • Slim Thug Drinks Through It

    Slim Thug is getting lit during the quarantine. In a video posted to Instagram, the southern rapper shared his drink of choice. "In these times, it's the perfect time to have you a sip," Slim said as he showed a Martell Blue Swift bottle. "Drink blue. Grown man drink." He made sure to have the news on in the background as well, not missing a beat!

  • Blueface Recreates the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

    What's one to do when all sports are canceled because of the coronavirus? Create your own games in your crib, of course! Blueface is keeping occupied by making hilarious videos at home, "recreating" the NBA Slam Dunk Contest...albeit on a much, much smaller scale. Hey, you gotta start somewhere!

  • Offset Rolls a Lot of Blunts

    Offset and Cardi B are at home with baby Kulture during the quarantine, and apparently they're running out of things to occupy their time. In a video Cardi shared to Instagram, she laughed at how Offset has just been rolling blunt after blunt out of boredom. “Look how bored he is!," Cardi says in the clip. "Look how many blunts he rolled already–back to back for no damn reason!”

  • Roddy Ricch Records New Music

    Roddy Ricch just dropped his debut album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial in December, but he's already back in the lab. Using the quarantine time to lock in and record, Roddy shared a video from his crib previewing new music, telling fans he's "in the house recording til April."

  • Young Dolph Announces a New Album

    Though he recently announced that he'd be retiring to focus on spending time with his kids, Young Dolph surprised his fans by announcing an album during the quarantine. With only hours of advance notice, Dolph revealed that his new album would be dropping on Thursday night (March 19), and included his memoji with the announcement.

    Unfortunately, he never ended up dropping the project, and it looks as though he might have been trolling.

  • Cassidy Freestyles Through It

    Cassidy once had an album called B.A.R.S.:The Barry Adrian Reese Story , so you had to know how he was going to spend his time during the pandemic. For this freestyle, one he uploaded to social media earlier this week, he voices skepticism about the entire pandemic.

  • Tee Grizzley Gives Advice

    Tee Grizzley is taking advantage of his fans’ attention to social media to remind them that there’s more to life than what’s going on their smartphone. In a clip posted to Instagram, Grizzley’s advice is to reevaluate your current routine and life and make the necessary changes to be ahead of the curve once the world is back up and running.

  • Kodak Black Jokes About Coronavirus' Effect on the Rap Game

    Kodak Black made his fans believe that he was happy about the effects of the coronavirus. The Florida rapper posted-and-deleted an Instagram post, in which he jokingly wished that the virus’ effects on the entertainment industry would last until he gets out of prison. After receiving some backlash for taking the virus lightly, Kodak clarified to XXL that he wasn’t initially aware of how serious the virus has become and that it was killing people.

  • Quavo Tries to Stock Up on Groceries

    Quavo has spent at least some of his quarantine time trying to fill up his pantry. In a photo he posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday (March 18)—one in which Quavious stands in the center of a deserted grocery store with a medical mask covering his mouth—we can see that he was unsuccessful.

  • Papoose Drops Bars

    Papoose is always willing to entertain the people with his bars by any means necessary. In a video of his latest freestyle, Pap encourages his followers to guess who he’s rapping about. The “Nasty Time” MC rocks a medical mask as he spits his sick rhymes.


  • Will Smith Calls an Emergency Red Table Talk

    With the entire country in a state of emergency, Will Smith felt the need to call an emergency Red Table Talk with his family. Surrounded by his wife Jada, his daughter Willow, Jada’s mother Adrienne Banfield Norris and his eldest son Trey for a special episode of the talk show, the veteran rapper-actor discussed the severity of the virus and the importance of social distancing, which his other son Jaden decided to practice hence his absence. In a clip from the episode, Will describes the need for ventilators in hospitals throughout the country.

  • Jim Jones Gets Creative on Betting

    Jim Jones is here to help those who need their gambling fix. After posting all of the chaos of panic-buying in his local grocery store, the Dipset rapper hit up his Instagram timeline to lead the charge in assisting those who still want to place some bets.

  • Gunna Keeps Himself Protected

    Gunna is not here for the coronavirus at all. In an Instagram Story he uploaded recently, the YSL artist rocks a full-blown gas mask and throws up his middle finger in the mirror while in his clean bathroom. “Fucc corona,” Gunna wrote in the caption along with the germ and middle finger emojis.

    @Gunna via Instagram
    @Gunna via Instagram
  • DJ Khaled's Daddy Duty With Asahd's School

    DJ Khaled isn’t taking any chances amid the coronavirus outbreak. Along with bringing medical masks and Clorox wipes with him wherever he goes, the super-producer is also making sure his son gets the education he needs from home. In a photo he posted to his Instagram Story, Khaled can be seen with his first son Asahd as he participates in a joint video conference with his other classmates and their parents at home.

    Dj Khaled via Instagram
    Dj Khaled via Instagram
  • Drake Watches The Fifth Element

    Drake is doing what most of us do when we’re stuck at home. The Toronto native recently hit up his Instagram Story to share a quick photo of one of the movies he’s been watching at his crib. The scene is from The Fifth Element starring Mila Jovovich and Bruce Willis. He also recently posted a photo of himself shooting in his basketball court at home.

    @champagnepapi via Instagram
    @champagnepapi via Instagram
  • Madeintyo Hits the Lab

    Madeintyo is taking advantage of the extra time on his hands to hit up the studio. In an Instagram Story he posted recently, the Georgia rapper kicks his feet up while he���s in the studio. He doesn’t specify if he’s, in fact, working on new music but it’s very possible that he’s focusing his energy on his craft amid the virus outbreak.

    @madeeintyo via Instagram
    @madeeintyo via Instagram
  • Lecrae Sets Up Hand Washing Stations

    Lecrae has been using some of his time during the coronavirus pandemic to help prevent the spread of germs. According to a CBS News Report, the rapper has been setting up hand washing stations in Atlanta.

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