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Black Music Month DNA
All Month Long For Black Music Month Im posting the origins of Hip Hop's most popular songs. Hip Hop created the art of sampling basically taking something old and making it new. A lot of popular music of all genres includes sampling which originated with Hip Hop...
Harlem Shake Freestyle
The Baauer smash “Harlem Shake” has been trending heavy in social media. Hip hoppers like Azealia Banks and Pitbull have jumped on remixing the track in recent weeks. Now, Harlem’s own Jim Jones joined the party.
Jim Jones Arrested
Dipset founder Jim Jones was arrested Wednesday close to his home in Fair Lawn, N.J. He probably could've gotten off with a warning if it wasn't for his infamous temper.
Jim Jones Says Cam’ron Is The Best Rapper
It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the Diplomats’ camp. Their reunion album has been in talks for a while but nothing new has manifested. So what gives? Are the Harlem rappers on bad terms? Not according to Jim Jones.